Pet Stains are No Problem!

Pets are wonderful, but finding a pet stain on your carpets, upholstery or flooring can be pretty frustrating. Pet stains can be really difficult to remove, whether they’re caused by urine, feces or oil. And if you don’t treat them with the right techniques and in a timely manner, they can seriously damage your flooring. There is a solution, and we have it.

Our Proven Process

Our expert cleaning technicians use state-of-the-art pet stain removal methods that begin with an analysis of your stains to determine the best approach for optimal results. Then we apply a special solution designed to break up stains so they’re easier to remove. After pre-treating the area, we use our kid- and pet-friendly cleansers and powerful cleaning technology to remove stains – even those that are embedded deep in the fibers – so all you’re left with is springtime freshness.

Flooring Rescue

Call us before you try a quick fix with damaging store bought remedies!

Upholstery Rescue

Don’t get rid of your furniture due to an accident. Call us to see how we can help save that couch!

  • Odor Removal
  • Discoloration Restoration
  • Fabric Damage
  • Fiber Restoration
  • Flooring Damage

Call the Pet Stain Experts First

If you have a problem with pet odor or a pet stain in your home call Jouny’s Carpet today. We will take care of any pet odor problems! Jouny’s Carpet technicians are experts in pet stain removal – and we should be. After all, we have more than 25 years of experience backing our techniques and our products, and that means we know just about everything there is to know about pet stains and how to treat them. If you have pet stains, give us a call today and find out how we can help.

Pet Stains on Rugs

Rug Stains

Rug Stains can be especially difficult to remove safely. Call Jouny’s Carpet to remove stains on rugs before using solvents and cleaning agents that can do more harm than good.

Pet Stains on Carpet

Carpet Stains

Carpet odors can linger without proper cleaning. Call Jouny’s Carpet to have the experts lift and steam odors with special bacteria and urine neutralizing agents. Safe and effective.

Pet Stains on Furniture

Sofa Stains

No one gets comfortable in with lingering odor of a pet accident.

Call Jouny to get your living room furniture back to smelling fresh and inviting to family and guests.