Dryer Vent Cleaning Saves Lives

You might think that your dryer’s lint trap is enough to protect your home from lint that accumulates while doing laundry, but did you know that lint also builds up in the dryer vent of your home? This build-up can lead to serious problems, including house fires.

While the lint trap on your dryer collects most of the lint produced by clothing, some lint can get lodged in the dryer vent. The flexible dryer hose is especially prone to collecting lint with its ridges, corners and bends.
Over 15,000 home fires have been traced to highly-flammable lint build-up blocking the vents in clothes dryers. If the dryer vent is obstructed, or otherwise harmed, it can produce enough heat to ignite.
313 AIR-DUCT can help prevent the possibility of lint fires in the home with a professional dryer vent cleaning.